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            1. Hello,Welcome!

              Xing Guan Yu Da Group was founded in 2003. it covers a total area of 12000 square meters with over 500 employees, Current Subsidiary Corportaion contain : Jin Xin Yu Power (SHENZHEN)Co.,Ltd Xin Su Yu Technology (SHENZHEN) Co.,Ltd 、 Xin Teng Yue Technology (SHENZHEN) Co.,Ltd

              JIN XIN YU POWER (SHENZHEN) CO.,LTD with over 9000 square meters for Working shop and more than 300 Production workers, Which is a global famous brand for Power adapter,battery charger and switch power supply . Jin Xin Yu with a very professional and experienced engineers team work for R&D and an Efficient Production Department. Which have got plenty of experience for development and production regarding Lion battery charger ,Lead acid battery charger , Lifepo4 battery charger and various mobility scooter charger and power adapter and power supply ..... 

              Our target is that we do global superium high quality with global necessary safety requirement and quality certification We only do certified chargers , such as CCC、UL、CE、ROHS、FCC、PSE、KC、CB、UL、LVD、SAA、PSB、GS 、EMC.......

              The Burn-in tested for All our goods is ensured and all our goods meet the requirement of ROHS and Safey Requirement

              Our company insist the concept of “ Converge talents do perfect work and set up Brand” which ensure stable top quality and efficient professional Team Work . We do better for your best choice.



              Tel: 0755- 28889315

              Fax: 0755-28889316

              Business Manager: 18923703986 Mr Fu

              Technical support: 13632860590 Mr Hu


              WeChat: 18923703986

              Address: China Shenzhen city Longgang District Community fun Garden Road No. 38

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